Lightning Strikes Near Beach Wedding Ceremony as Couple Exchange Vows

"It sums up the year pretty perfectly," groom Aaron Sawitsky said. "Everything that can go wrong will go wrong."

A Massachusetts couple's big wedding got canceled due to COVID-19. Then a huge storm popped up during their scaled down ceremony, and lightning struck right as the coupled exchanged vows. 

"Let's face it—2020 has not been the best year," the groom, Aaron Sawitsky, told his bride Denice at the ceremony.

As if on cue, lightning struck in the background several moments later.

"As we started to get ready for the wedding, you could hear thunder in the distance," Aaron told Inside Edition. "And while Denice was saying her vows, I was looking behind her."

Aaron and Denice were supposed to get married in June, but like so many other couples, they postponed it due to the pandemic. When they finally tied the knot over the weekend, it was a much smaller event outdoors.

But they never expected the striking moment.

"It sums up the year pretty perfectly," Aaron said. "Everything that can go wrong will go wrong."

At the end of the reception, a rainbow appeared over the bay.

"The omen is, sunny skies are ahead," Aaron said.