Couple Marries in Courthouse Bathroom After Groom's Mom Has Medical Emergency

The couple said their “I do’s” in the women’s restroom of the Monmouth County Courthouse.
The couple said their “I do’s” in the women’s restroom of the Monmouth County Courthouse. (Facebook/Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office)

Every couple plans on exchanging vows in a beautiful venue, but a New Jersey bride and groom settled on tying the knot in the bathroom after his mom had an asthma attack before they could make their union official.

“By the authority vested in me by the laws of the state of New Jersey, I pronounce them married,” a judge announced as Brian and Maria Schulz of Ocean Township shared their first kiss as a married couple next to the sanitary napkin dispenser.

The couple said their “I do's” in the women’s restroom of the Monmouth County Courthouse as they waited for EMTs to arrive to take Brian’s mom to a hospital.

Brian’s mom suddenly had trouble breathing only minutes before the ceremony, according to a Facebook post by the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office.

Officers had escorted her to the bathroom, where they helped administer oxygen, but it became clear that Brian’s mom would have been more stable staying in the bathroom.

The couple discussed moving the wedding date, but then they found out they would have to wait another 45 days to receive a new marriage license.

When Judge Katie Gummer heard the news, she suggested performing the ceremony from the bathroom, where Brian’s mom could witness the nuptials.

“We are pleased to report that Mr. and Mrs. Schulz are doing great and so is mom,” the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office wrote. “They were touched that Sheriff’s Officers and the Hon. Judge Gummer went out of the way to make their day memorable and special."


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