Couple Posts Prom and Wedding Photos Side by Side

The pair have been together three years.
Credit: Sydnie Haag

The pair went to prom together in 2016 and now they're married.

When 23-year-old Bailey and 21-year-old Sydnie Haag met during high school and went to prom together, little did they know they’d end up married. 

In 2016, mutual friends from their Georgia church tried to get them together, but Sydnie initially said she wasn’t interested.

However, Bailey eventually grew on her, and the pair went to prom two months later. 

“Ever since then, we just haven’t stopped talking! We dated for two years, and on our anniversary, he proposed,” Sydnie told 

They got married in May. And then Sydnie decided to see what their wedding photo and prom photo looked like side by side.

She posted the sweet comparison on Twitter and it went viral.

Other couples soon joined in on the fun and posted their own prom vs. wedding photos.

“It was honestly so crazy to see how different we looked!! But it was sweet to think back to those days,” Sydnie said. “I got to see so many other people’s stories and pictures because of it!

She added that she definitely didn’t know they would get married when they started dating, but she knew the relationship was special.