Georgia Mom Mauled to Death by 13 Dogs In Front of Her Children, Son Critical After Saving Sister

Courtney Williams Cox
A group of dogs mauled Courtney Willims Cox (above) and her son Kayden, who suffered deep lacerations (inset) all over his body.Facebook

Courtney Williams Cox's son Kayden also suffered severe injuries including deep lacerations all over his body after pushing his sister out of harm's way, according to the children's aunt.

A Georgia woman was killed and her son is critically injured after they were attacked by a pack of 13 dogs, officials said.

Authorities identified the deceased as Courtney Williams Cox, 35, who had been getting ready to celebrate Mother's Day weekend with her family.

In a statement, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said that deputies received a report of a dog attack just before 5 p.m. on May 9 at a home in Quitman, which is located approximately 60 miles northeast of Tallahassee on the state's border with Florida

Once at the property, officers "encountered several aggressive dogs" before eventually discovering Cox's lifeless body in the yard, the agency said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Cox's son Kayden suffered severe injuries all over his body after pushing his sister Sisi out of harm's way, according to the children's aunt, Crystal Cox. In a Facebook post, Crystal said that a mystery man saved the lives of the children after one of the boys, Nathan, ran to get help.

"The individual Nathan flagged down not only managed to physically fight off the dogs but then took the children in his truck to receive treatment at a nearby hospital," Crystal said. In her Facebook post, Crystal also shared the horrific injuries Kayden suffered in the attack, with large scratches visible across his arms and legs.

Crystal said that Kayden is now back at home recovering with his father and siblings after being "stapled and stitched up."

Both the GBI and the Brooks County Sheriff's Office are investigating the incident. No charges have been filed. 

A GoFundMe has also been created to raise money for the family.

To date, $1,070 of the family's $6,000 goal has been raised. 

The Thomasville Humane Society is currently working to get the dogs involved in the attacks off the street, and managed to locate nine of the canines by Sunday.

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