Cub Injured in California Wildfires on the Road to Recovery

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care is raising funds to continue care for a cub injured in the California wildfires.

After returning from an evacuation due to the raging California wildfires, a Markleeville resident found a bear cub walking on his elbows due to the severe burns on his paws.

The young bear was rescued and taken to a wildlife center in hopes of recovering. 

Officials at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care named the cub "Tamarack" after the fire that burned through the Sierra and into Nevada. 

When he was found, he was around 5 or 6 months old, and should have been around 35 pounds, but weighed around 21 pounds, according to the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

The center said that getting Tamarack up to his ideal weight should be easy, and they will likely keep him through the winter and release him in the spring, depending on when the California Department of Fish and Wildlife gives the okay.

Little Tamarack is progressing on track, according to a recent Facebook post by the care center, and they are asking for donations to support their work.

“Tamarack has a long way to go. Already his care & medical expenses are a lot BUT he has the best of the best when it comes to Wildlife Heroes! With all your love and support this little fighter can keep on fighting!”

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