Cute Service Dog Gets Her Own Yearbook Photos

Credit: Orange City Elementary School
Credit: Orange City Elementary School

She's been attending with her owner for three years.

A 4-year-old service dog made it into a Florida elementary school’s yearbook.

Rachel Watton, a fifth-grade student at Orange City Elementary, has been bringing her service dog, Linda, to school with her for nearly three years. Rachel, who has Spina Bifida, is in a wheelchair and Linda helps her with her daily tasks.

“She’s her best friend so wherever Rachel goes, Linda goes,” the school’s principal, Charlie Bynum, told

Bynum wanted to do something special for the dog because Rachel is set to go to middle school next year.

“When it was time to do school pictures, I said ‘there is no reason Linda shouldn’t be pictured in the class and in the yearbook,’” Bynum said.

Linda smiled, dressed in the school’s polo uniform shirt, as she had her photo taken in September.

She even received a plaque for her years of service at the school and a personal yearbook.

“She got school day pictures like every other kid,” Bynum said.

He added that the entire school will miss having Linda around.