Dad and Daughter Recreate ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Dance Together at Her Wedding

The father, Andrew, and daughter, Riannon, danced to the Disney soundtrack at her wedding as the video of them dancing together to the song 30 years ago played in the background.

A father-daughter duo recreated a special scene at her wedding, moving guests to tears.

When Riannon Trutanich got engaged to her college sweetheart, Clinton VanSciver, her mother, Pamela, who is a wedding planner had an idea. Pamela remembered how much her daughter loved Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

“I just thought, well I really want them to dance to that some because that was like their special song. But then I thought, ‘Wait, we have that video,’” Pamela says.

After some digging, the family found the VHS tape from 1993 that had a video of 2-and-a-half-year-old Riannon dancing with her dad to “Beauty and the Beast.”

At the wedding, the father and daughter danced to the 1991 animated movie as the home video played in the background.

“I remember the night we filmed it,” Riannon’s father, Andrew, says. “And it was magical.”

They still live in the same house and before the wedding, they practiced to match their choreography with the original video.

“When we practiced the dance in this room and we were watching it on video, we were both crying,” Andrew says. “It was just a very emotional moment for both of us.”

Wedding guests were stuck with emotion.

“To be able to have basically the whole room just crying and experiencing that with us,” Riannon says, “it was just amazing.”

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