Dallas Zoo Welcomes First Sumatran Tiger Cub in 70 Years

Photo of tiger cub drinking from a bottle
Facebook/ Dallas Zoo

The Sumatran tiger, born early August, will play an important role in the survival of the endangered species.

The Dallas Zoo welcomed its first tiger cub since 1948.

The Sumatran tiger cub was named Sumini, after the leader of a group of female rangers who protect Sumatran tigers in Indonesia, according to a Facebook post by the zoo.

Sukacita, Sumini’s mother — also known as Suki — and Kuasa, her father, welcomed their little one on August 2. 

Suki has some issues producing enough milk for the baby, and after consulting with experts from the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, the Dallas Zoo's zoologists and veterinarians made the difficult decision to raise the cub by hand.

​​"While hand-rearing is not ideal, we know this was the right move for both the cub and for Suki," the Dallas Zoo shared with People. 

"Our zoologists, veterinarians, and nutrition staff are working around the clock and in constant contact with the SSP to monitor her development and ensure she is getting the best care possible." 

Because of continued poaching alongside loss of their habitat, the Sumatran tigers are an endangered species, with only between 400 and 600 of them left in the wild, according to National Geographic.

Additionally, the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Sumatran Tiger Species Survival Plan shows that Suki and Kuasa’s genes are underrepresented, making Sumini’s survival even more important, according to People.

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