Daring 2-Year-Old Climbs to the Top of 8-Foot-Tall Refrigerator All by Herself

Her mom said she has witnessed all three of her children doing the same thing in previous years.

An energetic 2-year-old somehow found herself at the top of a refrigerator, all by herself.

Little Scarlett Oliver of St. George, Utah, was caught in a video licensed by Caters News climbing up the kitchen appliance and then making her way back down safely.

“She climbed up there to get a pen,” her mom, TanaLee Oliver, told InsideEdition.com. “It used to be [placed] low. I guess that’s what motivated her to get up there.”

Oliver, who said she purposely placed the pens out of reach to stop her daughter from coloring on the walls, said she walked into the living room to spot her youngest daughter already perched up on the 8 foot tall fridge.

After watching Scarlett seamlessly climb down, the bewildered mom asked her to climb back up again so she could capture it on camera.

“It was so fast,” Oliver said.

In fact, mom said she’s caught all three of her kids mounting the kitchen appliance on their own over the years.

“I found Liam, now 9, on the fridge at 15 months," she said. "Liam would sit up there and make cards and presents and he would hide them above the cupboard. He doesn’t do it anymore unless he’s having a bad day,” she said. “India, who is turning 6 — I saw her climbing up the fridge. I think she watched Scarlett do it.”