Daring Rescue Caught on Camera After Boat Capsizes Off Florida Coast

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A family whose boat capsized in strong winds and choppy waters off the Florida coast were saved by authorities in a daring rescue caught on camera. Four adults and three children found themselves stranded in waters near Tampa.

In the distance, the underside of the capsized boat can be seen on video from the Hillsboro Sheriff’s Office. A rescuer tosses a yellow rope with a buoy towards the family.

They latch on and get pulled to safety. Fortunately, everyone was wearing a life jacket. First out of the water was a 7-year-old girl who thanks rescuers after being pulled out. Then came the girl’s mom, followed by the dad, who managed to hold on to his backpack the entire time.

Tampa Fire Rescue was also on scene, saving the other remaining family members. Thanks to the actions of the teams, everyone made it out safely—a happy ending to a terrifying ordeal.


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