Stray Kitten Found on Terminal Ramp Gets Rescued by Safety Officer at Kentucky Airport

Safety Officer Wes England and kitten, Boeing
Facebook: Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

Boeing is his name and he has landed straight into the arms of his new owner, a public safety officer, at one of Kentucky’s busiest airports. The small feline was discovered by workers at a terminal ramp last week at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, according to the Kentucky airport’s Twitter account.

“Our Ops team rescued this stray kitten on the terminal ramp, cleaned it up and cared for it overnight,” said the post. “The next day one of our Public Safety Officers adopted him!”

Wes England was that public safety officer. 

He told WKLY that his family — including wife Katrina and their two children: Hailey, 14 and Gage, 4 — have been big fans of their new furry friend after welcoming the kitten into their home, People Magazine reported

The cat, who he named Boeing and nicknamed Bo, seems quite fitting since the little guy was found at the airport. 

It's unclear how Bo ended up on the tarmac. Nevertheless, England told WDRB that Bo and his kids are now inseparable.

“A happy ending for everyone!” said the post. " #Airport Ops to the rescue! #flylouisville #rescue."


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