Sleepy Kitten Nearly Falls Asleep into Its Mug of Coffee

Looks like Taro had a rough night.

Rough night? This sleepy kitty didn’t seem so keen on starting its day.

Taro, an Instagram-famous Scottish kilt, came close to falling into its coffee-filled mug as it fought to keep its eyes open.

The 12-week-old kitten living in the San Francisco Bay Area had recently gotten its vaccinations, which caused side effects like wheezing and sniffling – and, apparently looking tired while perched on a mug.

“Vet told us not to worry but we’ve been monitoring him closely and he is puurfectly healthy now and still loves perching on everything,” its owner told Reuters.

Taro and its Maine coon sibling Zippo are featured on the Instagram page @taroandzippo, and are often seen cuddling, playing or snoozing.