Kitten Born With 2 Faces Finds Happy Home With Veterinarian: 'She Loves Life'

The cat, named Duo, was born with a rare condition known as diprosopus, or craniofacial duplication.

Like most kittens, Duo loves to play, chow down and scamper around the house. 

Unlike most kittens, Duo happens to have two faces. 

The kitten was born with a rare condition called diprosopus, or craniofacial duplication, which means she has one head, two mouths, two noses and four eyes. 

California veterinarian Dr. Ralph Tran adopted the cat when she was only a few weeks old, feeding her with a tube and a syringe until she learned to eat on her own. 

"Raising Duo has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and at the same time, incredibly challenging," Tran told 

Now four months old, Duo has made amazing progress since then, including eating on her own with both of her mouths. 

"As soon as she sees her food bowl, she runs to it and starts purring the entire time she eats," Tran said. 

She also likes to play with Tran's other cats and begs for her fair share of head scratches like any cat. 

"She's learned to play with toys, play with cats and interact with me," Tran said. "In the evenings, I'll let her run around and play with the other cats, and she always comes and follows me and waits for me to pet her and rub her face and give her scratches." 

Duo will likely have to have surgery on her middle eyes, and is still much smaller than other kittens her age. But despite the challenges her condition presents, she keeps on going. 

"She may have her disability, she may have her challenges, but she loves life, she loves to play, she takes whatever is thrown at her and makes the best of it," Tran said.