Dean Martin's Daughter Slams John Legend and Kelly Clarkson for 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Remake

She said it is “absurd” people think the song her father sang is about date rape.

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson released their remake of the Christmas classic "Baby, It's Cold Outside” Friday and the tune is getting a chilly reception.

“The Voice” judges gave the song a #MeToo makeover after the original version was pulled from holiday playlists over complaints the 1944 song is sexist and even promotes date rape.

The lyrics for the new version are 100% P.C. 

“I simply must go,” Clarkson sings as Legend replies, “text me when you get home.”

“Oh, I’m supposed to say no,” she replies. Legend then sings, “I guess that’s respectable.”

Crooner Dean Martin recorded a popular version of the single in 1959. Now his daughter, Deana, is speaking out. 

“I think it's absurd,” she said of the idea that the song her father sang is about date rape. “I think people have to get over themselves. I'm all for the #MeToo movement, I understand that. This is just, this is complete, different, and it’s absurd.” 

She added, “John Legend is fabulous, he's a wonderful singer. I just don't believe that they should change the words for a song that is a classic and is romantic. Stop with the P.C. police.”