Kelly Clarkson, John Legend Are Updating “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in Wake of #MeToo

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The Christmas classic "Baby, its Cold Outside" is getting a #MeToo makeover.

Last year, radio stations across the country pulled the tune from their holiday playlists over complaints the song is sexist and even promotes date rape.

Now, John Legend has announced he's re-recording the song with Kelly Clarkson, his fellow coach on "The Voice,” with more appropriate lyrics. 

"What will my friends think?" sings Clarkson.

"I think they should rejoice,” Legend responds.

"If I have one more drink?" Clarkson asks.

"It’s your body, and your choice,” he replies.

Frank Loesser wrote the original track in 1944. Last year, Inside Edition spoke with his daguhter Susan Loesser, who said, “It's not a date rape song.”

She said that if her father were alive today, he would be “laughing” at the controversy around his song, adding, “This song is not about abuse of power. It's about flirtation, and that's how flirtation was in those days.”


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