Deer Breaks Into New Jersey Home, Gets Trapped in Stairwell

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This deer seems to be quite the homebody — too bad it wasn't his home.

A New Jersey family watched helplessly as the deer accidentally broke into their Princeton home last week.

As the disoriented animal became trapped inside the stairwell of their home, the family fled to another part of the house and called authorities.

Police, firefighters and animal control officers were eventually able to remove a basement door that was blocking the deer’s escape before the creature fled into a nearby wooded area.

While the poor deer appeared to have minor cuts from glass and left some blood on the stairs, authorities said it didn’t seem to be significantly injured and was probably just scared.

Princeton police, who shared the video on their Facebook page, warned: “Should a deer wind up in your residence, retreat to a separate room and contact police immediately. The deer will be very afraid and you can be seriously injured as it tries to escape confinement."


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