Demand for New BTS-Themed McDonald’s Meals Has Caused Chaos at Restaurants All Over the World

All the commotion was over 10 chicken McNuggets, fries, a coke and dipping sauces hand-picked by the K-pop band members themselves.

There is currently chaos at many McDonald’s locations around the world. It's all over the new meals inspired by the Korean boy band, BTS.

There is so much demand, in fact, that during the first day of sales, some restaurants ended up with overturned tables and chairs in their dining room.

To cut down on crowding, the meal was only available through delivery or the drive-thru window — But even that didn’t work.

A backlog of delivery drivers lead to crowding, and employees grew anxious to fill orders. 

Things got so out of hand that police in Indonesia had to stand behind the counters, and ultimately some stores closed.

All this commotion was over ten chicken McNuggets, fries, a coke, and dipping sauces hand-picked by the K-pop band members themselves. The options: Sweet chili or Cajun.  

The meal also comes in a purple packaging because of band member Kim Taehyung’s famous “I Purple You” slogan, which he says means “I trust, love and support you.”

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