Demi Lovato Apologizes for Blasting Frozen Yogurt Shop Over Having Sugar-Free Products

Demi Lovato blasted The Bigg Chill, an unassuming mom-and-pop frozen yogurt store in a Los Angeles strip mall, for serving sugar-free items.

Demi Lovato is backpedaling after blasting a small yogurt shop, The Bigg Chill, for serving sugar-free items. The singer ignited controversy when she told her 102 million Instagram followers that she was "finding it extremely hard to order froyo from the Big Chill when you have to walk past tons of sugar free cookies/other diet foods before you get to the counter."

"I left the yogurt store and didn't get the one I wanted and it bothered me all weekend," Lovato said.

Lovato, who has been open about struggling with disordered eating, instructed the yogurt shop to do better and labeled the business to be among "#dietculturevultures."

But The Bigg Chill is an unassuming mom-and pop frozen yogurt store in a Los Angeles strip mall, where it's been a local favorite for more than 20 years. The store told Inside Edition, "We are really hurt by Demi’s comments. Our small woman-owned business has catered to anyone who’s come through the door. Whether they are diabetic, vegan, gluten-free, or just wanting a decadent dessert.

"We really appreciate the support from all of our loyal customers," the store continued. "We cannot wait to serve you!"

The star has since apologized, saying she mistook all of the products for diet items and "jumped to conclusions."

When asked about an Instagram post in which Lovato offered to work with The Bigg Chill on its messaging, the store told Inside Edition: "At this time we feel our packaging doesn’t need to be any more clear and do not feel that it’s offensive. We will pay more attention when bringing on new brands of items that we carry in the future."  

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