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Deployed Marine Dad Surprises His Sons as They Eat Lunch at School

He hid behind a curtain in the cafeteria.

When two brothers were brought onstage during lunchtime at a Virginia Beach elementary school, they didn't know they were in for a tear-jerking surprise.

Kobe and Kal-El Williams hadn't seen their dad in seven months, as he has been deployed with the Marines in Kuwait since October.

Principal Charlene Garran of Alanton Elementary School gave a short speech for April, the 'Month of the Military Child.'

When she asked the students who had parents in the military that were deployed, multiple students raised their hands, including Kobe and Kal-El. Garran called up the brothers to ask them about their father, Gunnery Sgt. Jarrell Williams.

Little did the boys know, their dad was actually hiding on the other side of the curtain in the cafeteria behind them on stage, waiting for his cue. 

"It feels good knowing that they are within 100 meters of me," Sgt. Williams told WTKR before the big surprise. “It feels good, kinda excited, little nervous to see what their reaction is going to be."

When the curtain opened, Kobe, 6, and Kal-El, 8, turned around and without hesitation, ran to their dad and gave him a hug.

Tears began flowing down Williams' face. 

"It was just a happy moment to see him," Kobe told the Virginian-Pilot. 

Sgt. Williams told WTKR it was difficult missing a chunk of the holidays, but he is thrilled to be home for several weeks, spending time with his boys.

"There’s a lot of catching up to do," he told WTKR. "Just be more active in their life as much as I can with being away. Try not to take things for granted."