Devastated Parents of Phoenix Woman Killed on Hike Speak After Suspect Is Arrested: 'There's an Emptiness'

Lauren Heiki, 29, was stabbed while hiking in an Arizona park, cops said.

An arrest has been made in the case of the 29-year-old Arizona woman who was stabbed to death while hiking in broad daylight on an isolated trail.

Lauren Heiki was alone when she was attacked from behind. Zion Teasley, 22, was taken into custody at his home in Phoenix, just a mile from where Heiki was killed, officials said. Police sat him on the sidewalk before taking him away.  

Grainy video that led to the arrest showed a man running from the murder scene, where Heiki's body was found. 

“I can tell you that he is the same person that was shown on the video clip we shared with you all a couple of days ago,” Sgt. Melissa Soliz of the Phoenix Police said.

Authorities say the suspect had a flight booked to leave Phoenix for Detroit Thursday night but was arrested before he could board the plane.

Heiki worked at a local golf club. Her devastated parents, Jeff and Alana, tell Inside Edition, “it is going to be hard without her.”

Her parents say they spoke to her every day and didn’t think she was in harms way. "We never heard of anything that would raise suspicion," they say. 

“This is like an emptiness you cannot imagine. We had so many dreams for her,” her mother says.

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