Did the Coronavirus Pandemic Cause a Home Appliance Shortage?

A manufacturing delay is causing increased demand.

If your air conditioner dies in the middle of the current heatwave, you may have to wait until next month to get a new one due to the national shortage of large appliances. That’s the grim reality Philadelphia couple Jason and Elizabeth DiFrank are facing as they both work from home.

“They’re saying the equipment is on backorder, and they can’t get out here till some time in the second week in August, so we’re looking 15 days probably in the worst heatwave of the year,” Jason told Inside Edition.

Elizabeth said they are “just trying to bear it” as they live with fans near them at all times.

“Absolutely unbearable. More miserable than you could possibly imagine,” Jason said.

It’s not just air conditioners either — refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines are all in short supply due to the coronavirus causing a manufacturing delay meeting the renewed demand from people stuck at home.

“If you want what you want, you’re gonna be waiting a while,” said Rob Satran, who runs Royal Green Appliance in New York City.

Satran said he expects the shortages to last through “the third quarter.” He said he encourages people to keep calling their retailers, because product does come in, but more slowly than usual.