Did You Hear? Police Looking for Person Missing Prosthetic Ear

The ear was found after the World's Strongest Man Competition.
The Holmes Beach Police Department

Florida police are looking for a person who lost a prosthetic ear after the World’s Strongest Man competition this past weekend

The Holmes Beach Police Department is looking for the ear’s rightful owner after it was found on Manatee Public Beach and turned into authorities. 

The police department posted two photos of the ear on its Facebook page Tuesday with the caption: “Have you lost an ear? This prosthetic ear was found at the Manatee public beach. Please contact us if you know the owner.”

Since being posted, it has over 1,000 shares and many concerned comments from people hoping the ear is returned to its rightful owner. 

Anyone who might know the owner is asked to contact the Holmes Beach Police Department at (941) 708-5807.

The World’s Strongest Man Competition is one of the major events in the area, attracting many from all over the state and country. This year’s event featured “Game of Thrones” star Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, who is known as “Thor” and was the final Mountain in the series. The Icelander was the defending champion but injured himself during qualifiers on Saturday. 

American Martin Licis, known as “The Dragon,” was named the World’s Strongest Man Sunday


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