Diner Goes Viral for 'My Girlfriend is Not Hungry' Meal Add-On

The Arkansas restaurant is going viral for a clever menu add-on.
The Arkansas restaurant is going viral for a clever meal add-on. (Mama D's)

Don’t you hate it when your date eats all your fries after they said they didn't want to order anything?

Thankfully, a diner in Little Rock, Arkansas, has come up with a brilliant solution to the age-old nuisance: a menu item named “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry.”

For just an additional $4.25, Mama D’s will add extra fries and either two fried chicken wings or three fried cheese sticks to your meal, seemingly meant for not the main diner, but their partner.

EDIT: Sooooo I didn’t expect this to reach so many people. With that being said I would like to say where it come from....

Posted by Nick Chisler on Friday, June 28, 2019

A photo uploaded of the menu quickly went viral with commenters thanking the diner for helping them avoid fights and others asking for a menu add-on for boyfriends, who steal their food just as often.

“We’re glad our Mama D’s menu option solved the most couples’ problem,” the diner joked.


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