Dirty Dancing Disaster: Duo Tries to Recreate Iconic Dance at Wedding, Fails Miserably

Luckily, no one was injured.

A groomsman and bridesmaid in California tried to recreate the iconic dance move from Dirty Dancing, where Patrick Swayze’s character lifts Jennifer Grey in the air, but sometimes you just can't top the original.

The video, which was shot by another guest at the wedding in Escondido, Calif., shows the bridesmaid getting ready for the big moment with her groomsman partner. 

She puts down her bouquet, and gets off to a running start into his arms. It appeared fine at first, but as he lifts her higher, she topples over his outstretched arms and they both come crashing down. 

Luckily for the duo, they were able to laugh it off and no one was injured.