Do Subway's Tuna Sandwiches Actually Contain Tuna? Inside Edition Investigates

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When you order at a fast food place, you assume you’re getting what you asked for. But two California Subway customers claim their tuna sandwiches didn’t contain any tuna in a recent lawsuit against the sandwich fast food chain.

In its commercials, Subway insists: "100% WILD CAUGHT TUNA, 100% DELICIOUS.”

Yet customers coast-to-coast want to know what’s up, so Inside Edition conducted our own test to see if something fishy was going on. Our investigative unit bought the tuna at three Subway locations in Queens, New York. When we asked an employee about the tuna controversy, he brought out the packaging showing the listed ingredients: tuna, water and salt.

Our next step was sending the samples to Applied Food Technologies. The Florida-based lab specializes in conducting DNA testing of fish.

So, did the tuna in the tuna sandwiches that we tested actually contain tuna?

“Yes, we confirmed that tuna was definitely in all three samples we received," LeeAnn Applewhite, the CEO of the lab, told Inside Edition.

Subway says in a statement, "The tuna our franchisees serve to their guests every day is 100% real, cooked tuna, and there simply is no truth to the allegations in the complaint filed in California.”


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