Lisa Guerrero Interviews Anti-Mask Protest Organizer Who Believes Wearing Masks Is a ‘Satanic Ritual’

Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero spoke to the organizer of several anti-mask protests in the Beverly Hills area.

Despite the proof of the importance of wearing masks to prevent the spread COVID-19, a group of anti-maskers in the Los Angeles area is causing havoc at shopping malls and neighborhood grocery stores to express their unfounded beliefs.

Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero spoke to the organizer of several of them in Beverly Hills.

“Mask-less shopping is for people who believe in freedom over fear,” Shiva Bagheri told Inside Edition. “We are not going to be controlled by the media. We have our own thoughts, and we have our own reasons for not doing things. And we’re not breaking a law by not wearing a mask.”

Under a state mandate, Californians must wear masks or face coverings outside their homes. The Los Angeles City Council also passed an ordinance to allow businesses to refuse service to customers who do not wear masks.

Face masks curb the spread of the virus by preventing the transmission of infectious droplets from person to person, according to scientific research highlighted by the Centers for Disease Control.

“What you’re doing—is you’re part of a Satanic, mask-wearing ritual wearing that thing,” Bagheri told Guerrero.

Bagheri also said that the fact that a person is now dying from COVID-19 in Los Angeles every 10 minutes is a made-up statistic. The rest of her interview can be viewed in the player at the top of this article.