Does Coronavirus Mean the End of Hollywood Love Scenes?

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The film industry is one of the many that has been completely shut down by COVID-19, with productions not expected to resume before August. But when it does, one thing that might not be back on set are intimate scenes.

"For some actors, they may not want to do mouth-to-mouth kissing for a time," said Amanda Blumenthal, a professional intimacy coordinator hired to supervise filming to make sure actors feel safe. "Even before we were shut down because of the pandemic, actors were starting to express concerns which is completely understandable."

When filming love scenes in the future, a medical check may be required, she said.

"Whether or not testing is part of that, we'll have to wait and see," Blumenthal said. "Simpler things like taking temp when arriving to work to make sure don't have a fever, may be a more feasible solution."

She said some actors may still refuse to partake in intimacy for fear of contracting the virus. In that case, love scenes may have to change the way they are filmed.


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