Does Ghislaine Maxwell Know About Epstein's Rumored Sex Tapes?

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Did Jeffrey Epstein secretly record the sexual exploits of himself and his guests? Epstein's victims claim there were hidden cameras at his Manhattan mansion and private island in the Caribbean, and with the arrest of his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell for allegedly recruiting underage girls for Epstein, there is renewed interest in the existence of the tapes.

Former stockbroker Laura Goldman told Inside Edition she spoke to Maxwell last month. When asked if she kept the tapes or had them now, Goldman said, "She has told me no and I would think they would have surfaced by now. I don't know what happened to them, maybe he sent them somewhere, if they did exist, but as far as I know, Ghislaine doesn't have them."

Goldman said the 58-year-old heiress knew she was going to be arrested at her New Hampshire hideaway and described how Maxwell spent her last weeks of freedom. 

"She did say her goodbyes to many people that were close to her or spent time with them on the phone and in other ways," Goldman said. 

Maxwell may come under pressure to tell what she knows about Prince Andrew's involvement with Epstein. 

"I don't think she'll turn on Prince Andrew," Goldman said. "I think that she values him above all else, above all the other people. They've had many years together."

Maxwell is reportedly on suicide watch in the Federal Detention Center in Brooklyn, described by a former warden as a "hellhole." She is also expected to spend the first 14 days in quarantine because of COVID-19. Maxwell has denied all allegations of wrongdoing.


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