Dog Adopted by Cop Becomes K-9 Hero, Finds Missing Son of Shelter Worker Who Saved Her From Being Put Down

Ruby was close to being put down until a shelter volunteer convinced a state trooper to take a chance on her. It all came full circle when Ruby helped find a missing teen with a shocking connection to the pup's adoption.

When Corporal Daniel O’Neill of the Rhode Island State Police adopted a shelter dog named Ruby in 2011, he knew he would have his hands full.

The pup had been adopted five times and was returned every time due to her behavior. She was close to being put down, until a shelter volunteer, Patricia Inman, convinced O’Neill to take a chance on her.

“It was tough in the beginning. There was a lot of sleepless nights, but it worked out in the end,” O’Neill told Inside Edition. Ruby was eventually certified as a K-9.

Eleven years later, their miraculous story is the subject of a new Netflix movie.

One day, a teenager went missing in the woods. For two days, police and volunteers searched the rough terrain. When hope was fading, Ruby found the teen, who was barely alive.

Authorities then discovered that the missing teen was the son of the volunteer at the shelter who had believed in Ruby all those years before.

“I guess you just never know how certain animals or people are going to show up in your life again,” Inman said.

Inside Edition was there for a special screening of “Rescued by Ruby” in Providence, Rhode Island, where Ruby, the dog nobody wanted, showed up for her red carpet debut.

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