Dog Born Without a Nose Celebrates Milestone 1st Birthday

The staff at the rescue said Goosie continues to defy the odds.

A dog who was born without a nose is beating the odds and had a first birthday party to celebrate. 

Goosie, a Staffordshire terrier, was given over to Sanctuary Rescue in Midlothian, Virginia, after her birth last year because the rescue specializes in special needs animals. But even the staff at the rescue wasn’t sure she would make it, so they started celebrating her each week. 

“Goosie has always been somewhat fragile medically, which is fairly common with puppies like this," Adri Farmer, the rescue’s president, told "Where there is one genetic abnormality there are usually others. She’s had a few close calls over the past year but has an amazing ability to bounce back."

The medical condition hasn’t stifled Goosie’s personality, though. 

“Goosie is a mess. I think that’s half the reason everyone loves her so much. She’s incredibly tough and tenacious and stubborn, but she’s also a naughty little puppy,” Farmer said.

As the year mark approached, Farmer said it felt natural to have a giant party to celebrate Goosie. 

“She’s become somewhat of a local celebrity and hundreds, if not thousands of people have started coming to our Facebook page to check on her every morning,” Farmer said. “It seemed only right we would do up her first birthday in a big way.”

The canine had a blast at her party.

“Goosie’s foster dad packed her special meatballs and made a little show of feeding her at the party, and whenever there are meatballs, Goosie is happy,” Farmer said. “She loves the camera and is a great sport about having her picture taken a million times.”

Goosie isn’t able to be adopted until she is out of the woods medically, but they are hoping that's in her future.