Rescuers Save 3 Women and Dog Trapped on Bridge Amid Flooding

The dramatic rescue unfolded in Texas.

Cops staged a daring rescue when they came upon a desperate scene in Texas

The three women and their dog had become trapped on a bridge after a sudden flash flood and were in danger of being swept away. 

"I'm stuck in my car," one tells a 911 dispatcher in a call obtained by Inside Edition.

"What do you mean you're stuck? How are you stuck?" the dispatcher responds. 

"I can't get out," the woman responds. "We're about to get pushed into a lake. We need to get out ASAP."

One by one, the women were guided to safety by a rope. But the last one wouldn't let go of her puppy and nearly went down in the strong current. 

Thankfully, a cop rushed over and dragged them through the rushing waters. 

For an instant, the dog darted away, but eventually made its way to dry ground and safety.

As they looked on, the car was swept away. 

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