Dog Escapes Daycare And Runs Home, Rings Doorbell While Parents Are on Vacation

Jeremy and Sarah Henson were on vacation when they got alerted that someone was at the front door. It was their dog Dexter! ​​​​​​​“He’s very smart, and that intelligence can get him into trouble sometimes," Jeremy tells Inside Edition.

A Kansas family on vacation got quite the surprise when their security camera alerted them that their pet dog was at the front door. 

Dexter was supposed to be at doggy daycare, but escaped and managed to run all the way home.

The pup's owners, Jeremy and Sarah Henson, were a thousand miles away in Las Vegas enjoying a week-long vacation. They got the notification on their phone that somebody was at their front door.

“We were both like, ‘Oh my god, that’s Dexter!’” Jeremy said.

Dexter was supposed to stay at the daycare facility for five days, but was so homesick by the third day, he escaped.

Jeremy says that Dexter would have had to get over a 6-foot fence to make it home.

Two miles and 90 minutes later, the lonesome pup made it and rang the bell.

“He was bound and determined. Obviously, he didn’t understand the fact that we were gone, he just thought that we were home. And he takes his job protecting us very seriously,” Jeremy said.

The couple did what he could to calm down Dexter over the speaker, before calling the doggie daycare center. They came over and brought Dexter back.

His parents weren’t surprised he escaped and made it home. 

“He’s very smart, and that intelligence can get him into trouble sometime,” Jeremy said.

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