Dog in Istanbul Chases Ambulance After Its Human is Rushed to the Hospital

The dog then waited patiently outside of the hospital until the woman was released.

After a woman in Istanbul, Turkey, fell, her Golden Retriever was right by her side. While the owner was getting medical attention and situated into the ambulance, the dog stuck its head in to watch what is going on.

It then tried to get in the vehicle but was denied entry. So the dog did what it had to do — It chased the ambulance all the way to the hospital.

And when the ambulance pulled up, there the pup was, right there waiting as his human gets out and is escorted inside.

According to the Turkish Health Ministry, the dog waited patiently right there until the woman was released.

It's safe to say that the pup is now a top contender for the world’s goodest dog. 

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