Russian Icebreaker Ship Rescues Dog From Arctic Iceberg

The pooch was stranded on sea ice, but fortunately a crew of an icebreaker noticed the dog and came to its rescue.

Russian sailors conducted an unusual animal rescue last week when they retrieved a dog from an iceberg. 

The crew of an icebreaker near the Arctic noticed the fluffy white pup stranded on some sea ice, and they lowered a ladder and called to her. 

The canine came in from the cold, and warmed up aboard the ship while the crew called around to find her owner. 

The team was successful, and discovered that this pup was a 1-year-old named Aika.

The dog had wandered off from a Russian town near the Arctic Circle the week before.

Her owner, a woman named Svetlana, was happy to have her friend back and said that Aika was feeling much better.

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