Dog Pulls Owners From Sinking Mud After Firefighters Were Unable to Reach Them

Over three trips, Otis the chocolate Lab recovered the gear, his owner and a friend.

The job of a responsible pet owner is to take good care of their dogs, but Otis the chocolate lab reversed the role when he pulled a pair of duck hunters from sinking mud.

The 1-year-old dog bravely ventured across the mud near Perry Lake Monday morning to get to his owner Jake Atkins and a friend, despite not having any rescue training.

Even firefighters determined they wouldn’t have been able to get across the terrain to rescue the two men.

“If they'd walked out they would've sunk too, so there was no way for them to get rope to us,” Atkins told KCTV.

Atkins explained he was duck hunting with a friend when the ordeal happened. Despite being able to call 911, it became evident only Otis would be able to help.

“We both sank to knee deep in the mud and we tried to wiggle ourselves out and it ended up being waist-deep,” he said.

Firefighters tied the rope onto Otis and led the Lab to his owners. Over three trips, Otis recovered the gear, Atkins’ friend, and Atkins.

Despite his exhaustion by the last trip, Atkins said Otis never gave up.

“He followed me as they were pulling me,” he said. “He kind of just was walking right beside me as they were pulling me in on my back.”

As a reward, Atkins said he promised his pup a steak dinner.