Dog Seen Riding a Scooter Around Chinese City, Attracting a Crowd

She learned how to do it all on her own.

This talented dog has certainly got some fascinating tricks. 

A pup in China has started to attract attention for her ability to ride a scooter, just like a human. 

The six-month old dog named Xiao Hei, or "Little Black," stands upright with her front paws hanging on the handlebars of the scooter and one of her hind legs propelling herself forward. 

When she gets tired, the dog stands on both feet, urging his owner to push her along.

At Gulou Square in Chongqing's Nanchuan District, large crowds gather to see the amusing sight.

"It really rides [the scooter] very well. The dog has been well-trained, and it must have taken some effort to make the dog this way," said a local resident.

The dog's owner said that Little Black remarkably learned to ride the scooter on her own.

"She can sit on anything, like bicycles or other vehicles. I asked her to stand up [on the scooter], she stood up right away and pushed forward for several steps, then I knew that my dog has got it," said Huang.

Though only having learned to ride last month, the scooter has become the pup's standard mode of transportation when she wants to go outside.

"She always follows me when we go out," Huang said. "If she's tired [of riding], she will walk on all fours. Anyway, she always stays with me, and if I'm free I would bring her out to play."