Dog Stolen 5 Years Ago Found 600 Miles Away and Finally Reunited With His Family

Stephanie Malmstrom got a text that her family's missing dog was found 600 miles away after being stolen five years ago.

An adorable German Shepherd named Sheba was the heartbeat of a Houston family, until one day five years ago, she went missing.

“It was just out of character for her to leave," Stephanie Malmstrom said.

The mom says she was shocked when she looked at her home surveillance video and saw a white truck pull up. Someone called for the dog, before scooping her up, putting her in the car and taking off. 

The family searched for Sheba day after day, with no luck.

Then, out of the blue, Malmstrom got a text, which said, “Sheba has been marked as found."  
The beloved pooch was found 600 miles away in Borger, Texas, by an animal control officer.  
It's believed Sheba had bounced from home to home before being abandoned. A microchip led her back to Malmstrom.

First, Sheba was put on a plane for a flight back to Houston, where the family waited with excitement.

“We got her off that plane, and it was amazing,” Malmstrom said.

After a family portrait, Sheba went for a swim and then got a steak dinner. Home, sweet home!

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