Dog With 2 Legs That Survived Gunshot Wound Now Walks on Prosthetics

Amira’s story reminds humans to live in the present.

A two-legged dog named Amira is inspiring humans around the world.

Amira was found by Soi Dog Foundation, an organization that cares for Thai street dogs.

Across the globe in Canada, Lara Pleasence saw Amira on the rescue’s social media and knew the 2-legged, blind-in-one-eye dog needed to be a part of her family.

“She was found wandering the streets at nine years old after somebody had shot her in the head,” Pleasence told Inside Edition Digital. “She had lived her whole life without her front legs. So, she was literally crawling around trying to survive.”

Pleasence says 20 companies told her Amira wasn’t a good candidate for prosthetics, but she was eventually fitted and is successfully walking around.

“I just couldn't risk that a dog that could still trust and love could possibly go somewhere or be somewhere where she wouldn't get the best life that she deserved, the happily ever after that every dog deserves, but that she clearly hadn't gotten for those nine years,” Pleasence said.

Amira took a 22-hour flight from Thailand to Canada. Now, Pleasence isn’t the only person in her family who fell in love with the dog.

“My son is on the autism spectrum and he was a little leery at first this dog that looked so different and had these weird little nubs and crawled around like a little kangaroo hop, T-rex and she just pounced on him,” Pleasence said. “That very first night she just pounced on him, jumped into his lap and just was like, ‘You know what? I'm okay. You're okay. We're going to be best friends, and we're both a little bit different. And you know what? It's going to be awesome.’”

The dog learned to get around in a wheelchair after 20 companies told Pleasence that Amira would not be able to get prosthetics, until a company in New Jersey called 3D Pets said it could be done.

“She has the ability now to travel so much further than she could bent over. She gets to go out in the neighborhood, smell all the smells. She pops up over the curb and onto the grass, and she's living her best life,” she said.

Amira’s story reminds humans to live in the present.

“We can learn so much from these dogs, but the fact that she's left all her trauma behind because the future has just got so many fun things, why waste your time looking backwards when there's so much adventure straight in front of you,” Pleasence said. “She's become our greatest teacher in this house. She really has. She'll jump up on the couch, she'll miss, she'll fall, she'll jump up again, and it won't stop her. Nothing. Will.”

“I hope that they just give those underdogs, those less adoptable dogs, the seniors, the special needs, the special-needs seniors a chance because they will surprise you every day,” she added.

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