Dollar General Cashier Says She Was Fired After Hitting Alleged Shoplifter With Her Car

The cyclist and his basket filled with chips, cheese, bologna and other food items fell to the pavement when Jessie Soto was caught on doorbell security camera hitting him with her car.

A Dollar General cashier in Fresno, California, says she was fired after a dramatic video surfaced of her chasing an alleged shoplifter in her car, and hitting him as he was biking away.

“I’m sick and tired of everyone getting away with it,” she tells Inside Edition.

Jessie Soto, 35, was captured on neighborhood doorbell footage chasing down a cyclist in her car. She is later seen in video hitting his bicycle in someone’s driveway, knocking him and his basket full of goodies to the ground.

The two then get into a hurried argument while collecting as much of the items that had fallen to the ground as possible, the footage showed.

Soto said she never meant to hit him with her car. “That was never my intent,” she says. “I would never hurt anybody.”

She claims the man on the bike had stolen the chips, doughnuts, bread, cheese, bologna he had in the basket from the Dollar General store where she worked at the time of the incident.

“My overall intention of going after him was to keep him from doing it again,” she says.

Once the video surfaced, she was terminated from her position. She has since started a GoFundMe page.

Dollar General did not respond to Inside Edition's request for comment.

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