Dr. Fauci Offers Reassurance After 6 Cases of Rare Blood Clots Linked to Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Officials are recommending states temporarily pause distributing the one-shot vaccine made by the company.

Dr. Anthony Fauci sought to reassure concerned Americans Tuesday after the U.S. government recommended a pause in the distribution of the one-shot coronavirus vaccine distributed by Johnson & Johnson. The recommendation came after reports of six cases of a rare blood clot in people who had recently received the vaccine.

“I would tell them to just, first of all, don't get an anxiety reaction, because, remember, it's less than one in a million,” Fauci said. “However, having said that, pay attention. Do you have symptoms? Headache? Do you have shortness of breath? Chest discomfort?”

All six patients with the condition were women between the ages of 18 and 48. One woman died and a second has been hospitalized in critical condition.

In several states, including New York, health authorities have immediately canceled vaccine appointments that use the Johnson & Johnson shot.

The White House COVID-19 response coordinator said the pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine would last days to weeks rather than months.

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