Inside Edition Confronts Man Selling Vaccine Cards on eBay for $200

COVID-19 vaccination cards were being sold on eBay. Here's what happened when we confronted one seller.

Millions of Americans are lining up for their COVID-19 shots and with it, CDC-issued cards showing proof of vaccination. But not everyone is getting the cards the right way.

Inside Edition found what appear to be real vaccination cards being sold for $60 on Craigslist and $200 on eBay.

“Good for international traveling with COVID vaccine,” the eBay ad said.

So, who’s behind the eBay listing? Inside Edition producer Josh Bernstein met him in a shopping-center parking lot in Charlotte, North Carolina, capturing the encounter on hidden cameras.

The cards he was selling looked official, purporting approval by the World Health Organization and emblazoned with the CDC logo. He told Bernstein that the cards "came from W-H-O."

When asked how he got the cards, the seller said you have to “know the right people." He also claimed he had access to more.

Bernstein then revealed himself as a producer with Inside Edition and asked the seller if he realized he could be putting people’s lives at risk by selling the cards.

“I'm not putting anybody's life at risk. I just put it up there on eBay and whoever wants it can get it and do what they want with it,” the seller said.

Dr. Oz was shocked by what we found, calling it “shameful and outrageous.”

“I think that puts the entire system at risk, because now we can't stratify who's safe to travel, who's not, who should be able to be in a crowded space and who's not,” he said.

The auction we responded to on eBay has since been taken down. The FBI says it's a crime to falsely use a government seal like the CDC logo on a document.