Dreading Leaving Your Dog at Home? Take Them to After Bark, the Bar Where Pups and People Can Share Treats

After Bark is located in London's Hackney Wick neighborhood, and has been around since June.

Imagine going out for a drink and taking your pup with you. Even better, imagine if your dog got to enjoy the drinks with you. This is actually a thing at London’s After Bark.

The concept, which opened in June, is the latest venture from Barkney Wick, a dog and human community center. It’s located in London's Hackney Wick neighborhood, which has long been an artist haven.

There are several treats to choose from, including a flight of puptails, which are shots of straight carrot, apple and beet juice. There is also a barkarita.

“It's about getting those good fruits and vegetables into the dog's diet in a really fun way,” After Bark founder Jamie Swan explained.

And before you even ask, no, none of the drinks for dogs have any alcohol in them. They’re all plant-based.

There are even treats that can be shared between humans and their dogs, made without sugar or salt.

“We have sharable treats, which are made by a local lady," Swan said. "They're called Lick & Mix. And we also have them as snacks in the bar in the evening, and you can have them yourself, or you could share them with your dog.”

After Bark’s goal is to help dogs adjust to the new normal. After spending so much time around each other during the early days of the pandemic, the goal is to have them socialize with their humans, too. Because as Jamie points out, many dogs are used to quarantine life.

“Those dogs aren't used to being separated from their parents," Swan said. "I think it becomes all the more necessary to work out a way whereby you're not unsettling your pup.”

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