Eco-Friendly Luxury Handbags Created From Oranges by Jordanian Food Artist and Molecular Gastronomist

Omar Sartawi has been featured in Dubai for his environmentally conscious designs made from fruits.

Omar Sartawi, Jordanian food artist and molecular gastronomist, has created eco-friendly designer purses out of oranges.

“People's view of sustainability is that it is something that is second class,” Sartawi told Reuters. 

“My idea is that these are more beautiful than mass produced products because they are natural.” 

Sartawi’s bag took eight months to create through manually curing the orange “leather” and using a laser cutter to shape it. The hard work paid off, as the piece was showcased in a Dubai expo and an art gallery in 2020.

Sartawi has made face masks and nomadic tents through similar methods, and is working on processing other fruit and vegetable leathers so he can turn them into both luxury goods and furniture.

The designer told Reuters that he hopes eco-friendly techniques like this will change the way waste is handled, creating a more positive relationship with the environment.

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