Elderly Man Stuck in Mud Rescued by New York Police Department Helicopter

When he decided to take a shortcut through a marsh, his feet got stuck.

An NYPD helicopter plucked an elderly man from a New York City swamp after he got stuck in the mud.

Police told WCBS he was trying to get to a nearby hospital and decided to take a shortcut through a marsh on Staten Island. Mistake — his feet started to sink and he became stuck. 

When he realized what was happening, the 83-year-old called 911.

"Male caller states he's in the swamp next to the parking garage. States he is sinking. Be advised this also came as a call for help," the dispatcher can be heard saying in the video.

First responders say it was hard to spot the man since he was surrounded by tall weeds.

"States he's sinking. States the water is up to his neck," the dispatcher continues.

Once authorities managed to find the man, they airlifted him to his original destination, Staten Island University Hospital.

He is expected to be OK.

Reluctant to use a cellphone, the man said he owes his rescue to God and his daughter — who convinced him to keep his 12-year-old school flip phone on him in case of an emergency.