Puppy Rescued From Frozen Lake by Police Diver

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A puppy stranded on a chunk of ice in a freezing lake has been rescued by a determined police officer who wasn't afraid to risk hypothermia to save the animal.

Video released by the Turkish city of Van shows police diver Burak Okten braving icy waters to swim out to the dog, lying quite still, on an ice patch. 

The footage shows Okten pulling the dog into his arms, then using the sidestroke swimming maneuver to get back to shore. 

This puppy was rescued from icy lake by determined cop.
The puppy is now being cared for by a vet. Reuters

"It was the final moments, I barely made it. It's good we rescued [her]," the officer said, back on dry land. 

Officers on the shore administered CPR and wrapped the drenched and freezing dog in a blanket.

The puppy was transported to a veterinary clinic, where she was treated for hypothermia and is expected to fully recover.


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