Firefighters Rescue 14-Year-Old Dog Stuck in the Wall: 'It's a Family Member'

The small dog fell into a Virginia home's vent after a toddler accidentally removed the cover.

This poor little puppy couldn’t wait for Virginia firefighters to come and save him.

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department responded after a family reported a small dog falling into the HVAC system in their home.

The family explained their young child had accidentally removed the vent cover, and the dog fell in shortly after.

“[The dog’s] head was sticking out,” firefighter Mark Williams told “The homeowner said this dog has been in their family for 14 years. It’s a family member … safety is paramount."

Williams and his crew of six vowed to get him out safely, despite having limited knowledge of HVAC systems.

“We went downstairs, we measured out how far the HVAC system is, then we went downstairs and in the basement, and into a closet. We paced it out, measured it out, to see exactly how we were going to get to the dog," he explained.

They were eventually able to use a drywall cutter to make a small hole and free the pup from the wall.

“When we pulled him out, the homeowner was so grateful,” Williams said. “She was standing right there and we handed the dog off to her. She was very emotional about it."