Escaped Inmate Danelo Cavalcante May Have Used Tunnels and Drainage Ditches to Avoid Cops, Authorities Say

Danelo Cavalcante was captured on Ring camera wearing fresh clothing and clean-shaven.

Escaped murderer Danelo Cavalcante slipped through a police dragnet and disappeared, despite roadblocks and an extensive manhunt.

It is believed that Cavalcante used a network of underground tunnels and drainage ditches to avoid authorities.

On Saturday night, Cavalcante arrived at Baily’s, a family-owned dairy farm located two miles away from the Chester County Jail, from which he escaped 12 days ago. On the farm, the fugitive found a refrigerated Ford van used to transport milk products. The keys had been left inside and Cavalcante drove off.

The dairy farm is outside of the police perimeter, which is apparently how Cavalcante was able to avoid the roadblocks. He drove 24 miles away to the town of East Pikeland, where the homes of his two former co-workers are.

Cavalcante was captured on a Ring camera clean-shaven and wearing fresh clothes, a lime-green hoodie and a baseball cap.

“He was trying to arrange a meeting to make sure that that would occur without anyone else present,” Lt Col. George Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police said. “He was [trying to] make contact. He was [trying to] solicit help.”

The stolen van was found abandoned in a field after he ran out of gas.

Franco Rossa, Cavalcante’s former roommate, spoke to Inside Edition.

“Super anxious, super nervous, you know. I want this to be done as soon as possible. I want him to be in jail as soon as possible,” Rossa says.

Rossa shared footage of Cavalcante moving out of his home the day before killing his girlfriend.

Rossa says he had no idea Cavalcante was capable of murder and surviving while on the run.

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