Ex-Houston Texans Cheerleader Claims Coach Duct-Taped Her to Appear Thinner: 'My Skin Was Being Torn'

Angelina Rosa is one of six Texans cheerleaders who are suing the team.

Another former NFL cheerleader is making a disturbing claim that her coach stuck duct tape to parts of her body to pull her skin taut. 

The 125-pound beauty said she was called "skinny fat."

"'Skinny fat’ is the term the coach frequently used to say that we are skinny but we are not toned so we don’t necessarily have the abs, the dimension, the perfection that they require from us,” she said. 

Angelina Rosa and her attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference in New York City Friday. 

Rosa said the duct tape was applied under her uniform to pull the skin on her already-flat stomach even tighter. 

“I danced with my entire might and it was extremely painful,” Rosa said. “My skin was being torn because of the movements of going out.” 

Rosa joins Hannah Turnbow and five other former Houston Texans cheerleaders who are suing the team, claiming they were subjected to a hostile work environment and paid less than minimum wage. 

“We hope never to see another Houston Texans cheerleader or anyone else ever duct taped again," Allred said at the press conference. 

A spokesperson for the Houston Texans has said the team constantly evaluates its cheerleading program to "make changes as needed to make the program enjoyable for everyone."