Ex-Wife of Arizona 'Spree Killer' Dwight Jones Breaks Her Silence: 'I Felt I Had a Personal Terrorist'

Dr. Connie Jones, a radiologist, divorced her former husband nine years ago.

The former wife of the notorious spree killer who gunned down six people in Arizona last month is opening up about her living hell.

"I felt I had a personal terrorist," Dr. Connie Jones said in a press conference Tuesday, adding that she lived in constant fear of her ex, Dwight Lamont Jones.

Jones, a radiologist, says she became the object of his rage after their divorce nine years ago.  

“I knew that one day we would be in a situation where he was trying to kill me," she said. 

For all that time, she says she was constantly looking over her shoulder in fear of her life.

She says she had hired a private investigator, Rick Anglin to build an elaborate protective shield around her.  He's a retired Arizona police detective and they became so close that they eventually married. 

Dr. Jones says she never took the same route to work and grocery shopping had to be carefully choreographed. 

Anglin said during the press conference that they had three safe houses and various rental cars to help ensure their safety. He added that all personal habits and favorite places to eat had to change. 

Several of the victims from the recent shooting spree had ties to her divorce case, including forensic psychologist Dr. Steven Pitt, who prepared a psychological profile of the ex. Dr. Pitt had also worked on the JonBenet Ramsey case.

Anglin says he suspected right away that Jones was behind the killing spree.
"I told [authorities] who I thought their suspect was and I gave them a description of his vehicle and characteristics that make it stand out from another vehicle of the same make and model," he added. "I also told them where he was at." 

After a standoff with police, Jones was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his hotel room last week. 

Jones expressed sadness for all those lives lost as well as relief that nearly a decade of terror is over at long last.

"Relief in my chest that this would be the last I’d have to deal with him," she said.