Extreme Heat Waves Set to Affect Many Cities Along the East and West Coast

An alcohol thermometer is seen with the temperature 32 degrees Celsius or 90 degrees Fahrenheit in front of the radiant sun on May 29, 2020
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This is especially alarming because heat-related deaths are the number one cause of weather fatalities.

Northwestern states like Washington, Oregon and Idaho are bracing for an extreme heatwave set to shatter the usual June weather records, according to CNN.

They state, “Summertime temperatures in the Pacific Northwest normally sit around a balmy 70 degrees. This weekend, conditions typical of the desert Southwest will bake the region as a heat dome parks itself over Washington and Oregon.”

This heat dome acts as an oven and will bake the region for an extended period of time, they explain.

These high temps are expected to stick around until the middle of next week.

Various National Weather Services in the different cities are bracing the locals for the unusual scorching temps.

On Twitter, NWS Portland said, “Not only will PDX likely set the warmest temperature for June 26th & June for that matter, but the all-time record temperature of 107°F remains in serious jeopardy.”

NWS Seattle warns hikers to hike with caution.

And NWS Boise encourages those in the region to stay hydrated, limit activity and sun exposure, and keep animals and children out of hot vehicles.

They also warn that heat-related deaths are the number one cause of weather fatalities. “According to the CDC, over 600 people die each year from heat. It can happen to you,” NWS Boise points out.

Temps will also be well over the seasonal averages on the East Coast, leading to muggy and uncomfortable conditions.

"A heatwave appears to develop and persist from the Northeast to the Mid-Atlantic where afternoon temperatures are forecast to peak well into the 90s away from the immediate coasts during next week," the Weather Prediction Center tells CNN.

Not only will the US be affected by the heatwave, but so will parts of Canada.

On the Government of Canada weather page, there are heat warnings for British Columbia, Alberta, and the Arctic Circle, where temps might reach around 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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